The West Beverly gang is back, and honestly, I could not be happier about it. This summer has been a little, oh shall we say, bleak, yes?! We know there would be problems, those two were a lot. So we lucked out when the powers that be decided to reboot as a meta-take on what the actors who played the core group in would be up to now, and their struggle to get a fictional reboot on the air. The fact that the pilot episode was funny and entertaining is just a pleasant cherry on top of the nostalgia sundae. Well, the best answer I can find is maybe. In his memoir, Priestley admits that the cast did sleep with each other during the original run of :. Does this mean they did?

Which ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Stars Dated In Real Life? Some Hook-Ups Mimicked The Show

You name it! There was probably an episode arc about it. Let’s investigate who spilled the proverbial Beverly Hills beans as we explore dark secrets the cast of Beverly Hills, tried to hide. Reality TV star Tori Spelling played the bumbling Donna Martin, who managed to both graduate high school and stay on the show for the entirety of its run.

In , she said she sensed that daddy dearest gave her a leg up even if being his daughter meant her character couldn’t lose her virginity until the seventh season. I went in under a different name, then I got the part of Donna — which I’m sure had something to do with my dad,” she said.

But as sunny and fun as the new show is, “BH” can’t escape one them back together and pretending to get “real” to keep up with the times. where “​Beverly Hills ” is real and made them famous, but their lives are of this year, was the only cast member who did not sign up to do the series.

Beverly Hills, is one of the most iconic teen dramas in television history that paved the way for newer hits like The O. It is no secret that Shannen Doherty had difficulties with almost everyone on the set of Beverly Hills, before she was eventually removed from the series, but one relationship that was not fractured was between Doherty and Luke Perry.

Despite the pair having a steamy on-screen relationship as Brenda Walsh and Dylan McKay, the two stars never dated in real-life. She taught me a lot. She was great at what she did in the character with me. But yeah, that was a relationship that went on for a little while.

The ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Stars Made a Lot of Money — But Who’s the Richest Now?

It’s been a long time since Beverly Hills, aired for the first time, and later this summer, it’s finally coming back in the form of a reboot , called BH This time, the cast is playing exaggerated versions of themselves instead of just their characters. Some of them even have new TV spouses and families.

Beverly Hills, is an American teen drama television series created by Darren Star and She first auditioned for Brenda because she thought that being a real-life twin The Mickey Mouse Club did a parody sketch called Beverly Hillbillies , combining the characters of both and The Beverly Hillbillies.

The six-episode Fox show kicks off Wednesday at 9 p. The original Beverly Hills, followed the Walsh twins after they moved from dull Minnesota to glamorous — and expensive — California. Who is the richest BH actor now? Is Tori Spelling OK? I moved houses to simplify my life, but lost almost a million dollars along the way. Yeah, thank you. This actor underwent the glow-up of all glow-ups between playing David Silver on Beverly Hills, and marrying actress Megan Fox in They have money in the bank.

They are really blessed that way. It was later tossed out. Fox and Green later decided to stay together. Garth may have played the rich and popular Kelly Taylor in the show, but in real life she was shocked by her salary.

90210 cast dating in real life

Beverly Hills, is an American teen drama television series created by Darren Star and produced by Aaron Spelling under his production company Spelling Television. The series ran for ten seasons on Fox from October 4, , to May 17, , and is the longest-running show produced by Spelling. It is the first of six television series in the Beverly Hills, franchise and follows the lives of a group of friends living in the upscale and star-studded community of Beverly Hills, California , as they transition from high school to college and into the adult world.

After poor ratings during its first season, the series gained popularity during the summer of , when Fox aired a special “summer season” of the show while most other series were in reruns. The show became a global pop culture phenomenon with its cast members, particularly Jason Priestley and Luke Perry , who became teen idols ; the series also made actresses Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth household names in the US.

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Before Shannen Doherty’s difficult behaviour made working with her an impossibility, there was another bad girl doing the rounds on Beverly Hills, Emily Valentine remains one of the show’s most iconic characters more than two decades after the show’s heyday. Introduced into the fold during season two of the show, she was everything the ritzy kids of Beverly Hills were not: she rode a motorcycle, sported a peroxide-shock of blonde hair, slipped the pious Brendan Walsh Jason Priestley ecstasy, stalked him, and had a public meltdown which involved matches, lighter fluid, and a homecoming float.

However, as Christine Elise who played the iconic character recounts, there was a lot more drama off camera. On her first day on set, the producer pulled her into his office and gave her some advice. I can’t make any promises about the girls’. Elise would end up dating Jason Priestley, while Luke Perry made sure she had someone to sit with at lunchtime – a very high school concern which seemingly spilt over into real life. Although Elise claims her oft-reported rivalry with Doherty was overstated, the relationship between the two was nevertheless frosty.

I had a good five years on the girls in the cast, and I had a grown-up life off-set, so I spent zero time worrying about what they thought of me. Part of this grown-up life included a romantic relationship with Jason Priestley, who she met on her first day on set, and dated for five years. If this added to any tensions between her and the rest of the female cast, she remained unaware. For those who weren’t cognisant during the show’s initial years, it may be hard to understand just how popular this show was in the 90s.

It makes you want to run and hide – like a scared cat.

Here Are All the ‘BH90210′ Stars’ Relationship Statuses in Real Life

Brian Austin Green is married to Megan Fox, and they have three children together but before that, the actor admitted he was quite the player. Yeah, we hooked up. We did. She joined the original show in Season 5. Green married Fox in after dating on and off since The couple has three sons: Noah, 6, Bodhi, 5, and Journey, 3.

While I did love watching the show’s relationships blossom onscreen, I’m a I really want to know who hooked up in real life on Beverly Hills, let’s take a look on who used to date on the set of Beverly Hills,

Do you guys have some news to share? We definitely wanted to keep it very meta, as the whole show has been. In our minds, writing the last episode was foreshadowing another season. Going forward, the second season would be more laser-focused on the reboot. So the fans would get a much bigger percentage of us playing ourselves and our characters from the original as we would dive into what the reboot would look like.

What was it like to step back into these characters after so many years? Was all the drama behind you? And I needed therapy after it. But it was fun to be back with my old family. We truly were like brothers and sisters. We all had our ups and downs, and we were a family no matter what. Can we discuss the Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor of it all?

It was great the way it was handled through comedy.

THEN AND NOW: The cast of ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’

Beverly Hills, , is back … and more meta than ever? Namely, people are wondering who in the world these actors are actually married to IRL. For example, we’re guessing Nick Lachey isn’t too happy that some people think his wife Vanessa is married to her on-screen hubby Jason Priestley. Translation: The BH characters are based on their real lives, but there are some key differences. To unpack all of this, here’s a full breakdown of the real-life relationship statuses of each BH star.

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Shannen Doherty wouldn’t have done new ‘BH ‘ series if she was I just want to keep spreading good positive energy into the world as in real life, But eventually, she joins the revival that the actors put on together to.

Since it was announced that Beverly Hills was getting a reboot, old rumors about the former “students” at West Beverly High have been reignited. Though the actors on the show have all married since the first run of the show ended in , the reboot means that former flames are coming back together and resolved feuds might be restarted. When Donna Martin Tori Spelling and David Silver Brian Austin Green first got together during the show’s second season, fans hoped that there might have been some off-screen chemistry too.

Their on-and-off relationship was one of the most compelling parts of the show, but was there any real relationship happening? Though Tori is now married to Dean McDermott who she shares five children with and Brian Austin Green has three kids with Megan Fox, the two did have a more-than-professional relationship before either was married. Tori admitted that going through the relationship firsts with Brian on-screen did cause her to develop feelings for him off-screen.

Tori took a lie detector test in a episode of Celebrity Lie Detector , and she admitted to a lot. When asked if she had hooked up with any of her Beverly Hills co-stars, Tori nodded and said that her relationship with Brian Austin Green was more than just physical. She told host Louise Roe that because her and Brian were the youngest actors on the show, they were going through the same stages together.

Tori claimed that Brian used to tease her about having peach fuzz, and that she eventually wanted him to notice her, especially when there were a ton of extras on set. Tori said that Brian always made her feel comfortable on set, especially during scenes when Tori would felt exposed or vulnerable. Sweetly, Tori also said that when the pair filmed their wedding scene in the show’s series finale, they both cried genuine tears.

She also later said that the two wrote their own vows to one another, which convinced Tori that she was really in love with Brian. But, the two never actually dated, and they clearly have moved on in the years since.

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