Only a few characters in J. It’s no surprise to us that Luna Lovegood is among that select number. The chapter, named after the character, sees our familiar group of Harry, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and friends boarding a crowded train with nowhere to sit except with Luna. Our Gryffindors decide to sit with the strange Ravenclaw girl. From the moment we meet Luna, she stands out from anyone readers had previously met in the Potter universe. She’s described as having “an aura of distinct dottiness” while reading The Quibbler magazine upside down, wearing a Butterbeer cap necklace, and sporting her wand behind her left ear “for safekeeping. As they and readers learn, Luna is more than what she initially seems and, in our opinion, one of the best characters in the franchise. February 13, marks Luna’s 37th birthday, and what better way to mark the occasion than by reflecting on what we love about our favorite Ravenclaw? There are a lot of ways you can describe Luna, from smart and loyal to brave and kind to weird and curious, but let’s take a closer look at why we love Luna. If Luna were more pessimistic about life, I wouldn’t really blame her.

‘Harry Potter’ Stars, Then and Now

Rowling ‘s novel of the same name. The fifth instalment in the Harry Potter film series , it was written by Michael Goldenberg making this the only film in the series not to be scripted by Steve Kloves and produced by David Heyman and David Barron. Live-action filming took place in England and Scotland for exterior locations and Leavesden Film Studios in Watford for interior locations from February to November , with a one-month break in June.

Post-production on the film continued for several months afterwards to add in visual effects. It has been noted as a case of Hollywood accounting , because Warner Bros. The building also serves as the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix , a secret organisation founded by Albus Dumbledore which informs Harry that the Ministry of Magic is refusing to believe Lord Voldemort ‘s return.

When filming began on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Rupert was only Luna Lovegood, also known as “Loony” Lovegood, appeared in four of the films. Though not a prominent character in the films, Harry’s father James is an.

It has to do with Rolf Scamander. I thought Rolf was the guy in The Sound of Music. Hermione realizes that the story of their origin, The Tale of the Three Brothers, is in the book that Dumbledore left her in his will, The Tales of Beedle the Bard, and she reads the fable aloud while Mr. Lovegood calls the Ministry of Magic to report the trio. Evanna revealed that when J. Rowling was working on the movie adaptation, she considered having Rolf Scamander tell the story. That scene would have been completely, totally different.

Would Harry, Ron and Hermione have met Rolf in the flesh? Would his narration have been explained another way? Eventually, J. Sadly, that story is nowhere to be found on the site since the redesign, but maybe Rolf and Luna will appear in future short stories by J. Rowling, the greatest sorceress of them all.

Images via Warner Bros. Here’s how ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ almost involved Luna’s future husband in a pretty major way.

Muggles’ Guide to Harry Potter/Characters/Harry Potter

It’s been 22 years since the release of J. Rowling’s inaugural novel Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and 10 since she put the book series to rest with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Throughout the seven books, audiences became accustomed to the immensely empathetic knowledge possessed by so many of Rowling’s sincere characters.

And though most us don’t face the same exact situations that characterized Harry’s time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the series’ many insights can help guide us through whatever tribulations we’re facing out here in the Muggle world. Covering an array of subjects, from identity, purpose, and generosity to love and the slim boundary between life and death, here are the 15 most influential life lessons tucked into the pages of the beloved book series.

Ginny has a daddy kink at sixteen and Harry doesn’t question it. But her persona does sway him to taking interest in their own little girl, who is keen to get in on.

By Cheyenne Roundtree For Dailymail. Prince Charles, 71, tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday and is in self-isolation on the Balmoral estate in Scotland with his wife Camilla, representatives for the royal said in a statement. The insider said the Duchess of Sussex told Harry that ‘under no circumstances, is she okay with him traveling anywhere right now. The source added: ‘Meghan said Harry’s been in touch with his dad Of course, he’s frustrated.

She said they both are frustrated because they are doers and want to do so much more to help. Harry last saw his father earlier this month, publicly seen together at the annual Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey in London on March 9. Meghan and Harry are currently holed up at their waterfront mansion on Vancouver Island with baby Archie and are taking extra precautions during the pandemic by making staffers follow a strict hygiene protocol and wear latex gloves.

Meghan has forbidden Prince Harry from traveling, including to return to the UK to see his sick father Prince Charles, a source exclusively told DailyMail. The insider also revealed dog-lover Meghan is looking into fostering a black Labrador.

Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Why would anyone want to date some blond haired, silver eyed monstrosity who constantly goes on about their father? Ron: Why does it smell like smoke? Harry: Draco got drunk and set our marriage certificate on fire. This is actually me, currently, about a dom!

A Potter-Lovegood romance!? Yes! Actress Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series is dating actor Robbie Jarvis.

By Rachel Ashcroft. Oldman is also known for his lengthy succession of wives — he recently got married for the fifth time, but did you know he was once married to actress Uma Thurman? Sadly the relationship fizzled out and they divorced only two years later. Rupert Grint has reportedly had a highly secretive on-off relationship with actress Georgia Groome for several years now. The couple have spent nearly a decade keeping their relationship away from the limelight but were recently spotted together at the Dinard Film Festival in September this year.

Despite previous break-ups, it looks as though the couple are firmly together again…for now! Hammerstein owns a series of erotic nightclubs and cabarets in Manhattan and has attracted his fair share of controversy over the years. Many of his ex-employees have come forward to complain about the culture of drugs and harassment that Hammerstein encouraged at his clubs.

Luna Lovegood And James Potter Might Be Dating In Real Life

Skip navigation! Story from Entertainment News. Harry Potter fans know that tragedy inside the wizarding world can be just as heartbreaking as in the non-magical world. And HP lovers are being dealt a dually painful blow with the split of two beloved Muggles. A pair of Harry Potter alums have broken up.

All the loves, losses and tragic near-misses of the Harry Potter cast in one handy list. “He’s a great dad and lives just across the road. Harry Potter fans will remember that Evanna Lynch played quirky character Luna Lovegood in the films​.

The predictable news was met with some disappointment from Harry Potter fans, who had hoped James Sirius might have been sorted into Slytherin. Lily Luna and Albus Potter are still in primary school, although Albus will be making his way to Hogwarts soon – assuming that letter does still arrive by owl these days. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

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Luna Lovegood & James Potter Just Broke Up

Is there anything sweeter than the bond between a little girl and her father? We think not. Daddy’s girls may have a certain stigma — think spoiled brat — but we beg to differ.

just like Harry, Neville, and Luna Lovegood. Since his father was an “elderly widower” it’s probable that Theodore was affected by “seeing” his mother’s death​.

Subscriber Account active since. Some of the relationships in the “Harry Potter” series seem questionable. Ron and Hermione? Could Harry and Ginny be more awkward together? Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott? Sure, I guess. Luckily, real life has served us better. And they are adorable. Like normal people, the two are chronicling their relationship on Instagram. Don’t eat me! An amazing publication that features I kid you not Cats with Fashion!! Out in October : PussPussmag. Polaroid family photos fam.

J.K. Rowling tells muggles why Harry Potter named his son after Snape

Just like celebrity moms , Hollywood is filled with famous dads who never shy away from doting on their children. Although often times these men are better known for their contributions to TV, film, music, sports, politics, and more, their adorable family pictures—not to mention their loving quotes on fatherhood —show just how much they’re involved in the everyday lives of their kids. From the EGOT-winning John Legend who has two mini-me’s with Chrissy Teigen , to Prince Harry, who recently opened up about the type of future he wants for his son , former President Barack Obama , and Dwyane Wade who is outspoken about his love for his family , it’s clear that these men adore their children.

Luna also said that her father was supportive of any anti-Ministry action. Mr Lovegood fully supported Harry Potter and encouraged others to do.

Harry struggles as a parent; he tries to be closer to his son Albus, but fails to connect. She is hardworking and clever. Ron is a stay-at-home dad since his wife is busy working for the Ministry of Magic. Son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. Though the Malfoy family has always believed in blood purity, he is devoted to being a father, raising his son to be kinder and more accepting of other people.

Draco’s wife Astoria dies halfway through the play.

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